ACA Pacific provides a wide range of services for our customers, from consultation to implementation and training services. These services include:

  • Review of IT needs and process flows
  • Applications implementation
  • Customization
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Technical consulting

We provide best practices and top-level expertise to help you fully adopt and integrate technology for innovation and business operational excellence. Learn how our experts can help you in the following:

  • Professional Services
  • Training & Certification
  • Customer Service

Professional Services

IT Consultation

ACA Pacific's IT consultation services aim at delivering our customers the ability to choose from the best technology and implementation options available so as to achieve their business goals. Our experience in having worked with a myriad of clients gives us an enormous depth of understanding and know-how in areas of:

  • Application
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Document Management
  • IT Network Infrastructure
  • IT Security Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Document Management
  • Storage

IT Professional

At ACA Pacific, our aim is to help our customers to accelerate their returns of investment and achieve IT efficiency. Our IT Services offerings include:

  • Infrastructure Point Installation
  • Enterprise Storage and System Solutions
  • Enterprise application Solution
  • Information Security and Networking Solution

ACA Pacific technical services team offers a variety of vendor maintenance program, which are completely back-to-back with the respective vendors. These maintenance programs are provided with the full technical and logistical support by vendors.

With the comprehensive maintenance services, we ensure that we deliver the right support coverage at the right price to our customer. The support services can range from complete 24/7 onsite coverage, to basic hardware replacement services.

ACA Pacific value-add to our customers with our Proof-of Concept which allow hands-on and in-person helps to architect their business infrastructure. POC's can help simulate real customer scenarios, allowing customers the opportunity to see how proposed solutions can perform. With minimal investment and in a risk-free environment, using the latest and best of breed technologies. The technical proof of concept methodology allows user to systematically identify and eliminate issues and to create positive solutions for themselves and their customers.


Looking at cost saving? ACA Pacific can provide you with a complete solution with our existing infrastructure, right people and business processes.

ACA Pacific a leading value added distributor of technology products and solutions in Malaysia that provides you with a complete end to end supply chain management covering customized services, warehousing, transportation services, project management and order fulfillment.

Post Production Setups from A-Z

Consultation services for post facilities setup from Offline, Online, Composting, Color Grading to Finishing in a Data Centric Environment.

We are able to provide consultation and project management services for overall setup of a post-production studio. Areas include:-

  • Offline
  • Online
  • Composing
  • Color Grading
  • Finishing
  • Post Production “Ground Up” in a Data Centric Facility

In today’s environment, time Data Centric facility is the way to go, also known as fully data environment, high speed networking, high speed and huge data storage. With ACA’s wide range of IT products and expertise, there is collaboration between the Media & Entertainment & IT Department whereby with knowledge a post facility we can design and build a post-production house from zero to hero.

With the growth of data, a Data Centric Facility will be a consideration. The features of a Data Centric Facility include:-

  • High Speed Networking
  • High Performance Storage

ACA Pacific carries a huge portfolio of infrastructure solutions such as servers, storage and networking. The collaboration with the Media & Entertainment department, we can provide the best setup for a post facility and access to setup up a post-production house based on specific needs. We customized to meet our customer current business requirements.

If there is a need for the traditional workflow it is not a problem as well. i.e Digital Betacam SD/SDI to HDCAM HD/SDI setups with RS422 remote. Whether to ingest or output to tape environment for release dubs to the local TV station.

We will propose a Solution in the Post Production Equation & Provide Technical Consultancy. Whether the environment is SD, HD, 2k, 4K nowadays even 8K, to the latest UHD we can help to build the infrastructure as an incrementally or a full fledge post facility. You name it, we build it.

Incremental Setup

We can customize based on our client’s needs before going on full fledge post facility.

  • Whether it’s more 3D driven
  • Whether it’s more compositing driven
  • Whether it’s offline and online only
  • Whether it’s fully Colour Grading Facility
  • Whether it’s Data Management(Asset Management)

Full Setup

This is a full fledge setup whereby budget is no object which includes:-

  • Color Grading Suite
  • Offline Suite
  • Online Suite
  • Compositing Suite
  • Audio Suite (Voice Over Recording & Sound Mixing)
  • Data Management (asset management)
  • Data Backup Management
  • High Speed Networks (10GigE)
  • SAN Networks
  • ETC

Technical and Professional Consultation

In order to enable end-to-end IT integration, ACA Pacific offers technical and professional services that has wide advert technology knowledge on solutions like Server Virtualization. High Availability and Clustering Services, Backup and Recovery Solutions, Storage Consolidation, Networking Solutions and more. Our services team has the capabilities to leverage on our partners in projects engagement by providing these value-added solutions ranging from pre-Sales activities to technical implementation services using systematic lifecycle approach. Understanding their requirements, challenges, and technology goals is the foundation for us to deliver solutions that ensure high level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

ACA Pacific can satisfy the full range of customers' technical requirements, including 24/7 mission-critical and business-critical support whether its Enterprise Solutions, Storage Solutions, Network Or Security Solutions, by offering a broad range of services that improve design, reliability, scalability, efficiency, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable return of investment (ROI) to customers' IT investments.

Our goal is to be the preferred IT solution partner for customer's achievement in the following IT domains:

  • IT consultation
  • Implementation of latest technologies
  • Software/hardware maintenance


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